COORDENADAS: 43º21´7 N – 008º14´,6 W

The Port of Sada is situated in the SE of the Estuary of Betanzos(Ria de Betanzos) and Marina Sada (yacht club) is situated in the South of the Fishing Port of Sada, The Port is well protected and it´s considered one of the most complete marinas of Galicia.

From the North, when you reach the South of Cape Prioriño Chico, chart a course of 135º until you lose sight of the Tower of Hercules lighthouse.

At this point 4 miles of navigation remain, to reach the entrance of the Port.

The entrance of the Ría of Betanzos, in between the Island Corbeira (East) and Punta San Amede (West). In the east , you will find the Rock Freixa situated at 150m and West south west (WSW) of the island has a depth of only 0.70m at low tide. Half a mile further down south you will discover la Isleta del Carbon that is situated in front of the beach San Pedro de Perbes. Towards sunset, the coast is safer. Afterwards you will see Punta Torrella, Punta Redonda, Punta San Amedo, Punta San Armenterio crowned with a small church and Punta Fontán. In front of Punta San Armenterio there are various large mussel rafts . In the Ría (Estuary) the sea bed is secure, but you must bear in mind that it decreases and in some areas like Punta Los Curbeiros of Miño there less than 1m of depth.



Link from Bergondo to the motorway AP-9


Station of Coruña at 17Km. Conections across the peninsula Telf: +34 981 150 202


Comunication with A Coruña every 30minutes Telf: +34 981 239 099


Closest airport: A Coruña (Alvedro) at 18 Km Telf: +34 981 187 200

Airport to Santiago (Lavacolla) at 64Km Telf : +34 981 547 500

Airport to Vigo (Peinador) at 144Km Telf: +34 986 268 200

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